Hello to the global WOmum community!

As the timeline promises, all the posts on this blog will be short talk, and hopefully, good talk. Why? Simply because we, WOmums, don’t have the time to read 2000 words articles! As you have already understood, WOmum stands for:

  • WOman
  • WOrking
  • WOnder … MUM

I am part of this global community of superheroes:

working – and I love my job, mothering – and I love my children, wife-ing –and I love my man and, when I have the time, taking care of me – and honestly, I love myself a little bit too 🙂

So in this crazy agenda, why this blog?

Well, I don’t know for you, but since I have become a WOmum, I have one obsession: how to naturally stay fit (and forever young …). This applies to me but also to my little tribe.

As all my competencies, passions, readings turn around this central point:

  • Nutrition for optimal nurturing
  • Plants and food complements for natural healing

My mission is to make you gain some time.

Instead of searching, reading and comparing lots of sites, blogs, points of view – which by the way, never agree – take a shortcut: my posts are inspired by situations that I have lived through, by my Aikido practice, and my cooking, testing and lectures on vital nutrition and natural healing.

So let’s get started, shall we?